About Me

Hey There!

Do you achieve your monthly sales goals faster?

Are you having a hard time finding profitable products to sell on Amazon?

Do you need help in boosting your product’s visibility, organic ranking, and sales?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

General Filipino Virtual Assistant

I am Joan S. Dalman, an Amazon Virtual Assistant from the Philippines.

I help AMAZON SELLERS find a winning product, increase their brand recognition and generate more sales through intensive product research, product listing optimization, and an effective A.C.O.S PPC strategy.

If you are struggling to drive traffic to your product and generate more sales,

Amazon SEO

is your great assistant in this goal. Let’s analyze how you can effectively optimize your product listing to rank faster and higher on Amazon.

I will also help you handle various tasks such as,

☑️ Finding a Winning Product
☑️ Amazon Seller Account Management
☑️ Amazon Listing Creation
☑️ Competitor Analysis
☑️ Keyword Research
☑️ Product Sourcing Plan/Strategy
☑️ Inventory Management
☑️ Amazon PPC Advertising Campaign
☑️ Social Media Marketing

Here are the Amazon tools & Chrome Extension I used to manage my tasks.

Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Amazing Selling Machine
AMZ Suggestion Expander
Amazon Keyword Ranking and Index Checker
DS Amazon Quickview
Keepa Chrome Extension
Amazon URL Shortner

A little bit about me personally 

I am happily married to a loving husband and a best friend, Allan Dalman. We have been blessed with two adorable kids, my eldest son named Jedaiah Rosh and my youngest daughter named Zina Grace.

I’m an extraordinary person, goal-oriented and God-fearing person who perceives life positively. 

I loved the blue color that reflects my personality being conservative, reliable, and trustworthy. I am genuine and sincere and take my responsibilities seriously.

How I started my VA Journey?

I wanted to share a little bit of my backstory for those of you who don’t know me yet and maybe you can relate to some of my life and work experiences too.

I graduated from college in 2005 with a degree in BS in Computer Science. I am working in the corporate world my entire life after graduating from college. I enjoyed working as an Administrative Staff for 4 months and I’m so blessed of being promoted as Production and Technical Assistant in the agricultural industry. It was a great learning experience that taught me invaluable skills about life and executing work at a higher level. For so many reasons, I wanted to quit my soul-draining job because it was my great desire to build a career that I love most and that is to work from home.

But I am asking myself, how can I do that? I don’t have savings, and I don’t have a personal computer or laptop and even a reliable internet connection. It is not easy to shift from an office setup to a home-based business setup. What I had was my passion to pursue my dreams in life. Extreme determination and perseverance are very crucial in this transition time.

I started with zero experience in the online world like other aspirant Virtual Assistants out there. I’m really confused about what to do first and I don’t have any idea where can I apply. I do extensive research, watching educational and tutorial videos on free online sites. So, Google and Youtube became my best friend. I have also been praying for someone who can train me personally and God answered my prayers. I have a friend who willingly taught me about basic SEO particularly in doing link building.

Amazingly, I was hired as a Link Builder Specialist in March 2010. Link building is a long and tedious process that really needs patience. I have to experiment with different strategies and look for new websites for link opportunities.

I got another client and I worked with him as a General Virtual Assistant. This position taught me how to improve my time management skills by figuring out my priorities and sticking to my schedule. As a highly ethical Virtual Assistant, I’ll make sure to be more organized and avoid procrastination. It’s just a matter of discipline and commitment on how I will manage the projects entrusted to me.

But to be honest, I am frustrated realizing that I don’t have a system or effective process to set up a freelancing business. Until I found a community that taught me how to get more clients and build my freelancing business the right way. I invested to enroll in “The Freelance Movement Tribe” founded by John Pagulayan.

Currently, I shifted my services to be more client-centric which means I have to know my client’s specific needs first so I can propose better options and send them an effective digital marketing strategy.

Until this moment, I’m still very passionate as an Amazon Virtual Assistant and I am always willing to go the extra mile to give the best Amazon VA services. I believe in open and honest communication for the greater good of all. I will help clients stand out from all their competitors.

Throughout all my education and work experiences, the focus of my attention is not just learning new business but sharing my ideas and serving clients better for success.

Indeed, it is fantastic to work with an amazing client from all over the world.

Thank you for reading my story!

AND NOW, I am READY! Let me know how can I help your business.

I love to get to know you and I can sense that you want to get to know me more.

Let us work together to create a successful Amazon product launch campaign and get the best results to increase more sales.👍👍